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Chengdu Wattsine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (“Wattsine”) is a national high-tech enterprise which specializing in providing products, solutions and technical services of microwave and RF energy in the field of ISM and semiconductor equipment.

Since established, Wattsine has continuously developed a full range of products covering the ISM frequency band, filling the gap in the global industrial solid-state power source with high-performance and continuous upgrade products. Our products has achieved global industry application layout, including the new material preparation, etching, Photoresist removing, plasma cleaning, plasma light source; microwave chemical, microwave heating and drying, RF thawing; microwave ablation, thermal therapy and physiotherapy, plasma beauty and other medical equipment; as well as scientific research and medical particle accelerator, ECR ion source, microwave wireless energy transmission, etc.

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Tel: +86-17340193531

Address: Building G3, Level 3, Tianfu software park, 1800 Middle Yizhou Road, High-Tech District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China