Welcome to 4GCMEA 2022

The Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications

August 17-20, 2022 | Chengdu, China

Call for Papers

The scope of the Conference is concentrated on microwave energy applications, and includes:

  • Microwave/RF plasma
  • Microwave/RF chemistry& metallurgy
  • Microwave/RF chemical engineering
  • Microwave/RF applications in environment engineering
  • Microwave/RF applications in medicine and biology
  • Microwave/RF assisted materials science and engineering
  • Microwave/RF assisted food science and engineering
  • Interaction mechanism of Microwave /RF and substances
  • Dielectric and magnetic properties measurement
  • EM modeling and numerical techniques
  • Design of microwave/RF applicators and components
  • Microwave/RF sources and power supply
  • Microwave chemistry devices and working stations
  • Microwave/RF processing design and optimization
  • Microwave/RF industrial equipment and scale-up
  • Industrial applications of microwave /RF energy
  • Radiation safety and standards
  • Other relevant topics

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